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The Messy Middle

Sound good ?  Come on in! 


A Beautifully Curated Life: AN Intentional choice to REDEFINE YOUR LIFE, making SELF CARE, BEING WHOLE, faith & Creativity THE FOUNDATION FOR EVERYTHING. MakE space for what matters & Outsource the Rest.

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. Find the resolve to get past the messy middle, rise above the sea of overwhelm. laser focus, gain clarity and use your voice to advocate for your needs. Get inspired with strength & Creativity. MAKE TIME TO CONNECT TO YOUR FAITH & mindfulness. nourish body & soul with  plant based/flexatarian comfort foods, mindfulness, revel in movement and motivation. USE YOUR CREATIVITY to heal & let your VOICE rise to advocate for your needs & those around you. design the life you desire after a setback or illness...whether at HOME, in your WORK, or at PLAY.

Our signature C3 strategy StreamlineS your life:
Cull down the essentials, curate the collection that is your life, collaborate to get the support you need. A Beautifully Curated Life is ALL about living well from the inside out.  

The Result is a beautiful life guided by intuition and grace to live and love more Beautifully with less.

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I'm a Creative Coach & Life Designer in a sea of same. My story begins at the intersection of creativity, faith, wellness and my own reinvention. 
I'm a Photographer, Storyteller & Breast Cancer Survivor. Serial Entrepreneur, Branding Strategist & Beach Girl.  I love to celebrate life with fireside chats, sharing healthy eats & soulful living. 

What is A Beautifully Curated Life?  Simple as ABCLife….1, 2, 3...
A Beautifully Curated Life is: living intentionally. Filling your life, home and work with more of what matters; letting go of the rest. At the intersection of Creativity, Faith and Wellness, I've crafted a beautifully curated life through re-invention; out of necessity. My cancer journey led to a better version of myself & a life filled with more of what I love and allowed me to let go of the rest. 

The ABC Life: passionately inspired to teach creativity, using your voice, finding & connecting you to your source, and defining a life where self care and being whole are the foundation for everything. Within that house we make room for spirituality, expression, movement & nutrition, family, business, and constructing a beautiful life guided by intuition and principles that give you the grace to live and love more with less. Focusing on mindset, wellness nutrition, incorporating movement and motivation and serving as a cancer concierge or navigator, if you will, to provide resources. 

Welcome to our tribe.
We celebrate healthy, soulful, inspired living. 
On our podcast, A Beautifully Curated Life, we talk strategy & story:

*Overcoming challenges like illness and life setbacks
*Tools & process to create a healthier life filled with movement, meditation and       
      motivation and Wellness & Wonder
*The Clean Comfort Kitchen: artful delicious veggie-friendly foods come to life
*Movement and motivation to keep you energized and strong
*Exploring creative process in life and work
*GSD! (Getting Sh*t DONE!) life & business through coaching & education
*GRIT Getting Real & Intuitive Tools
*Dreaming big...and everyday adventures along the coast & in the great outdoors

In these moments of pause, sometimes we realize less really is more. 
Life is a mix of ALL THE THINGS...SO, I have a real life approach as we start
WHERE YOU ARE NOW & dive deep to uncover a path to your goals.

Pop in for a listen on the podcast each week as we provide inspiration & education in your wellness and wonder life journey. You'll find the podcast link at the very bottom of the page! To keep reading click here:

I'm passionate abouT Inspiring women Like You
to live YOUR best life

find COURAGE & CLARITY amidst illness & 

 uncover your RESOLVE TO START and invite 
creativity & INSPIRATION in 

and reinvent yourself, your business & your brand

Hello Beautiful!

I'm Caroline Morey.


I'm Your Gal!


Designed for busy driven women facing a life altering set back, illness like breast cancer, or ready to get their life back on track. I bring clarity, strength, creativity, and well being into your life while we reframe a daunting struggle so you can move past being stuck in emotion, create an action plan supporting your healing (traditional & wellness-based) to tranform your entire life. The pain of waiting for someday to live vibrantly & thrive isn't for you. You're ready to learn, change & take action with a coach who is both strategic & intuitive, keeping you on target for your best life.

I'm all in!


Online education (e-courses) simplifies your life, creates space, clarity & calm and provide a tried and true plan so you can dive deeper learning more of what you love to create a healthy soulful life at your own pace!  
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CULL CURATE & COLLABORATE Module 1 before the launch. Whether you need to create a shift in your health, meal plan strategies, life, or business, learn ways to navigate life as you create the roadmap to healthy soulful inspired living.
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The Reinvention Regimen
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A Beautifully Curated Life 

Retreat Buddy + Calm in Chaos + Planning Guru + Cheerleader +
Sage Advisor +  Neighbor with a Cup of Goodness +
The Friend You Bring on the Island + Coach to navigate & see it through! 

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Big Bear/Coronado
Greece& Italy 

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Frozen Banana from Dad's in Balboa


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the Kevin Costner show & the place!


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Who doesn't love saucy comedy, an unabashedly stylish dame, who can smile in utter chaos, and knows how to work a room???

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

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I love iced coffee but green juice is a close 2nd!

Coffee (caramel machiatto
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Specifically Venice and Positano! 


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— Jacinda L.

"working with CAROLINE truly transformed my life. I feel healthier - the steps were do-ABLE and comfortable. I have more energy, less overwhelm & am more successful. no crazy hours with more joy. I'm forever a fan!"

— Sarah 


— Sloane J.

"Creating a plan and taking immediate action. And then the next Action. Caroline gently guided me to letting go &made so much space in my life!!"

— katerina

"My Brand is Clear. My images beautiful - me on my best day! My collection pricing where I feel valued and so excited to  SERVE my ideal clients. Thank you for your coaching & inspiring me to be my best. self."