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I'll show you how.

Live A Life that's Bold, Brave & Beautifully Curated.  
create your dream life
Starting Now.

It's time to rise above the sea of overwhelm, put the messy middle behind you and break free
to your best, most beautiful life ever.

for women who are ready
to live life beautifully
with ease and grace. 

life coaching

I've got a plan to show you how. 

—  Brought to you
by Caroline Morey of CarolineAnd.Co

1. One-on-One Coaching, individual goal based sessions, to create personalized transformation en route to a blissful & beautiful recovery to get back to the life you love. We offer two paths: a short, intense version and a longer term paced option to suit your learning style. 

Option 1. Quarterly Program: 90 day/1-90 minute deep dive & 11 - 60 minute weekly sessions.
Option 2. Half Day Intensive Retreat: Deep dive to support meeting your immediate needs right away. 4.5 Hours on one day or alternately may be done as 3- 90 min sessions within 30 days.

You'll receive a bonus status session 30 days after completion to get additional resources and strategize long term needs in your journey. 

We also offer exceptional VIP collections: The Obsidian Collection for clients who prefer customized service, preferred appointment times and annual membership with bonuses in the resources and learning areas.

2. CURATE YOUR LIFE.ACADEMY: Online Education, E-learning & Live Workshops with access to a private Facebook Community and Connections. Accessible, easy and available when you want. You can learn in your pajamas and create more space for what you love in your life. 

3. Visit the Shop and Resource Guide: Ebooks, Workbooks & Life Guides
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Start Here...
Easy as ABC...123

A Beautifully Curated Life

Think champagne toasts, beach side chats, feeling so good because you're doing, actionable business advice, a round table of collaborators to lean on, all the good appetizers, and sisters for life. 

That IS A Beautifully Curated Life. 

A Beautifully Curated Life guides the way in our signature course:
Cull, Curate & Collaborate creates a self-guided map, step by step.

If you'd prefer more individual support and guidance, we invite you to One on One Life Coaching.
Regardless of how much time you have, we have a plan, simple as ABC to to make life better starting today.

Your time is now.

Are you aching for a breakthrough?
a change to everyday life That Makes everything feel better?

to feel the freedom to ACTUALLY  breath deep & relax? Do you want to feel healthy and connected to yourself and what matters?
To find some a sense of balance? Do you want to care for your body, soul, spirit, mind and the God given creative being you were made to be?  Create calm and clarity and purpose in your life?

do you want...

Fighting to find your way through illness, a new diagnosis, loss or a life setback that has you reeling? Do you believe God (or your divine power - doesn't matter what you call it) has more for your than this? Are you ready to make self care, health, nutrition & your strength your foundation so you can be your best self in all parts of your life?

are you...

that you're constantly overwhelmed and weighed down by busyness? No matter what you accomplish it doesn't feel like "enough"? Do you wish you could find a way to use who you are, your talents and your voice to simply make life better?

do you find...

who is this for?

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A life where you're free to focus on:

Movement, Meditation & Motivation
Coaching & Collaboration to Gently Guide Your Course
Wellness & Wonder 
Creativity & Uncovering Your Authentic Voice and How to Channel it into life.
Branding, Image & Business...after establishing a whole person we continue to build you beautiful life's work.
Community Support at Coffee with Creatives
Adventures & Retreats in the Great Outdoors and our Beautiful World. Who doesn't love a fun adventure near or far to restore and reinvigorate Your Beautifully Curated Life?

what does 


My 1:1 coaching program is designed for busy driven women who get it done. On a mission to bring clarity, creativity, and your goals into a well refined actionable plan, You know the pain of waiting for someday isn't for you. You're ready to connect, invest in your life and your future, and start putting the plan into action with a coach who is both strategic and intuitive, keeping you on target for your best life.

I'm all in!


Our e-courses & online workshops  simplify your life, creates space, clarity & calm and more of what you love.
Be a VIP and experience Module 1 of 
before the formal launch. Create space in your home, life, business or health, learn ways to navigate life as you create the roadmap to healthy soulful inspired living.
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Printables, Books & Guides

The Reinvention Regimen
 Get the The Workbook Freebie! Dive deep into discovery. Craft your plan to uncover your Reinvention strategy and road map leading to your future life comeback. We'll cheer you on like mile marker 25 of a marathon excited to see the victory of living your best life. 


SERVICES & Products

the experience

A grand dose of experience, mixed with the real, empathetic, masterfully intuitive, smart, savvy, an organizational aficionado, event logistics expert, a superb strategist and serious negotiator. Skilled at surveying the landscape at 30,00 feet and taking in the small details that make the difference.

We work as a team getting to the core of your goals; carving a path. I gently guide you through steps to take daily massive action, keep you accountable, trouble shoot the tough spots and make progress. Learning to cull, curate and collaborate so you continue on your way. 

The proof is seeing your desires become your life.  My style is playful, irreverent, and genuine. I work as a servant leader who has gotten in the trenches and risen to the stars. I get my greatest joy from helping others find and make their way, use their voice and design the life they love. We will craft a course you can travel to make your life, goals, work, and vision become the real. 

Come on in, stay for a while.
Learn more about our why...

the expertise

My 30 year career journey has given me the right to call myself: Publisher, Photographer, Artist, Curator & Editor, Teacher, Collaborator, Administrator, Storyteller, Founder, Entrepreneur, Developer, Program Manager of Stadium Scale Events and Professional Creative. I served as a leader & team member in start-ups, Fortune 500 Companies, serving Hospitality, Government, Weddings & Events, and Media industries. 

Yet, it doesn’t solely define me. It's shaped my viewpoint & given me a unique perspective to serve and guide. I learned so much from my achievements and infinitely more from my failures, like how to relentlessly rebound, dig deep into inner knowing and faith. It's laid the groundwork to reimagine a comeback where we rebuild and reinvent the life we desire now. 

Few people know I am a cancer survivor but it’s a huge part of my why. There's nothing I adore more than helping & serving others especially when it comes to using your voice, becoming stronger & giving yourself the love and beautiful life you deserve. It makes it all worth it for me - my life, adventures along the coast with my hubby, loving on kiddos who need it most as a foster mama, and the simple joy of my pup & kitties snuggling on my lap on a cold evening at the beach. 

the innovation & PodCAST 

A Beautifully Curated Life Podcast
 Learn more about
making life better today. 

The Beautifully Curated Life Podcast is where we talk strategy and story to learn how you can design the life you desire with more of what you love and less of all the rest. Coaching, guidance & education  along your wellness and wonder journey.

Hosted by Caroline Morey, professional creative, cancer survivor, beach lover, maker of yummy things, serial entrepreneur and business brand strategist. A little irreverent, part soul searching, part organization, a heaping dose of chutzpah, wholly soulful and faith-based strength & creativity. We provide inspiration to create and put your map into action, connecting the dots in community along the way.We highlight business stories, events and daily life adventures along the coast. Coaching, Creativity, Collaboration and bringing All The Good Things to you here at A Beautifully Curated Life Podcast.

We look forward to hearing from you on the podcast! If you'd like to get in touch sooner, you can reach me here: 

Tune In To Listen


What makes us Unique


"from business strategy to personal challenges, Caroline has helped me have clarity on it all."

step three

 Put the plan into action: Cut clutter, cull & curate each part of your life.
Gain clarity & design a clear, accessible map to navigate your own joyful journey together. After completing
Cull + Curate + Collaborate (C3)
we set strategy & schedule next action steps, accountability, continued curation & collaboration. We develop best practices, so you can repeat what you've learned in a variety of areas of your life.

weekly coaching

step two

Ready to have an actual "life plan"?
Yes, this is a thing and it WORKS! 
Planning Homework & Journey 
We create a roadmap to live a better life with more of what you love; less of the rest. Simple as ABC, Life.
Simple, do-able steps that you can make happen everyday.
We coach & collaborate and keep you accountable while building community
to encourage you on the way. 

life plan

step one

Our 1st coaching call is 90 minutes.
We dive deep into your needs, story and strategize where you want to be versus where you are now. Our method: Part soul searching, part organization, a heaping dose of chutzpah. We uncover the wholly soulful depths; discover your strengths based in the faith & creativity and the state of being well that we each possess. We'll ID your unique learning style, your experience, and focus on crafting the plan to create transformation in your life.

intial call

How Coaching Works:

— Samantha J.

"Caroline's philosophy completely changed by life. She is a JOY to learn from and has so much wisdom to offer."

— Hillary R.

"After working with Caroline, my business revenue grew 10x! I couldn't even believe it!"

— Rachael K.

"Caroline's Brave Beyond Measure program transformed the way I viewed my self-worth. It changed my entire life."


5 stars all Around

cups of Java per day (Secret 1 has mushrooms!)


number of educational events per year


Recipes for harnessing strength, creativity and chutzpah. Watch for the PLAY book!


number of happy clients



Experience, PeoplE & Places Teach us



To Let Go.

Deep inside of us...waiting to be brought forth.

The Joy of a Life Well Lived is Waiting...

Learning from what we lost or let go of, often leads the way to the next beautiful discovery.

where do your lessons come from?

Check out our resources page as we'll be adding to our favorite books, magazines, audio files, podcast and meditations to keep you in the loop where you can order, buy or connect!! Click to see more of the resources & get All The Good Things!

what books do you recommend?

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how can i sign up for your emails?! 

Yes, we certainly do. Read about coaching one-on-one. Click here to learn about working with us!  

do you offer one-on-one coaching?

Our signature free masterclass is an insider look at the ongoing resouces you get as a coaching client. We have 3 ways you can work with us plus membership:
A. One-On-One Coaching &
     Group Coaching  
B. Online Learning:
      E-Courses & Webinars
C.  Tools: Books, Workbooks,          
      & Printable resources 
ABCLife membership program provides priority coaching appointments, special content and bonuses at a great monthly rate.

what's the difference between your main 2 offerings?

Join us & have a listen over on
A Beautifully Curated Life Podcast on BuzzSprout by hitting play below as we chat weekly about Healthy Soulful Inspired Living. Soon we will be available on your favorite podcast services. Come on over for a listen!

Where can I find your podcast?

Get all the details on our next launch by joining the VIP list! We offer online education, resources and one on one coaching. You can lear more on a free discovery call.

when is your next live event?

Sunny Southern California but I work with clients all over the US & world. We work with clients for coaching and strategy online, on Zoom and by phone.

where are you located?

As a multipassionate entrepreneur, I've been advising clients over 15 years in business development & strategy, media, branding & marketing. In the last 5 years I've been certified in coaching, organizational planning, psychology, organizational/planning life mastery and wellness. 

how did you get started as a life coach?

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