I'm here to inspire, encourage & guide you to live simply with more of what you love. 
Let Go of all the rest. 

Welcome to my BEAUTIFULLY Curated Life. 

I'm Caroline Morey. 

Well, Hello!

Caroline MoreY

A Beautifully Curated Life
by Carolineand.Co

Breast Cancer SURVIVOR
Professional Photographer, Event Media Strategist, Publisher
Visionary Servant Leader
Calm in chaos who thrives in difficult situations
Powerful negotiator
Real world business strategist
Kind & Brave Adventurer Soul
Believes Food is Love best shared with laughter
Old Soul: Empathetic, Curious, Intuitive & Humble 
Maker spirt: Something out of nothing with an eye on process 
Unlimited Creativity
Lifetime Learner Always Seeking Growth
Relentless in the face of "No"
Playfully Irreverent 

life coach, california girl, ARTIST, GIVER, CREATIVE MaKER OF GOOD GRUB,
Wife & FOSTER mama




Meet your coach!



I have the joy of coaching women all over the world and teaching them how to step fully into  THEIR LIVES, LOVES, STRUGGLES & THEIR CALLING since 2020. It's been a wild journey but at the same time inviting us into something new. Something bold and dare I say better down the road with a career and life shift. The gift and privilege is mine to coach, inspire, educate and guide. Seeing you use your voice, faith, creativity, talent to reinvent your life to live 
A Beautifully Curated Life .


Studio Caroline & moved back to CA which felt like home. Photographed big brands, captured stars, rocked weddings & made bank. Loved life.  Learned valuable business lessons and built community. . Got a coach, mentor & build my team. 


Being laid off from my job was an answer to a prayer, I didn't even know I had! Catalyst to the next deep dive.  Launched Gala & relaunched SCP photography & built community as Coffee with Creatives Launched. Exciting times. 


Founded Healthmap Manhattan Magazine.  Our 1st pitch landed a $25k contract with NYSC & was more than my salary! Wild success followed. Wellness industry publishing looked glamorous on the outside, but the inside was another story. Left NYC with 6x my investment in a snowstorm. 
Never looked back! 


Married my favorite adventure buddy. First date on a ski slope. Life got even sweeter & more fun. Traveled from coast to coast & had fun building our life & family while he supported my dreams. Freelance projects & creative endeavors were on! He was a wild free spirit, too & loved art, photo and spontaneous road trips. We dreamt up more together! 


Graduated NYU's
Tisch School of the Arts with a film & business degree. I had absolute certainty I would take over the world one image at a time. 


Alaska or Anaheim? 
City with the Mouse: Huge Events. PR & Media. Mayoral Rep, gal with mic, agenda & camera running stadium size shows. A wide array of clients loved my energy, savvy & calm in chaos. Survived riots & misadventures. Exciting times but I felt my calling was still out there!


Created my first photogram using the sun like ManRay.
I was hooked on the feeling of something magical emerging.

my beautifully curated life

where I've been

Fun fact: 1st job Managed Stock Photo Library on 5th Ave, NYC. Catalogued Birds, planes & tall buildings. Acquired by Getty.
 Met celebs, movers & shakers.
Learned to leap.


Made it home to Texas.
That year lost my mom to breast cancer.
Re-examined EVERYTHING.
Took a hiatus & traveled Europe. Cried & healed.
It was restorative. 
Mom said, "Do what you love."Made a plan to do
just that!


Cancer called. Cleared my calendar.

Next goal: Survival.
My illness, healing & recovery taught me valuable lessons and changed my course for the good.  Navigating the hard parts and drawing on strength and faith saved me. So thankful to be surrounded by loving community.
Thriving & living well after breast cancer has continued to be my mission. A mission to mentor, teach & inspire others began. God isn't done with me yet! 


And then there was Covid. 
While it's been hard & at times weird, new business and life values emerged. We collectively have shifted.
With a rather unexpected call just before Thanksgiving, we became parents to a sweet baby girl. It's been one of the hardest & most beautiful times of my life being a new parent in the midst of a pandemic. Work and life were derailed but we're persevering on. Relentlenss that more good is in store. 

work with CAROLINE

the life of your dreams.

Get ready to start living

cups of Java per day (Secret 1 has mushrooms!)


number of educational events per year


Recipes for harnessing strength, creativity and chutzpah. Watch for the PLAY book!


number of happy clients


tv show

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Sparkly toes & cool shades




favorite Place to Be

On the water
near the sand


Married TO Moon, THE LOVE OF MY LIFE & Best Adventure buddy. I light up when he gets home.


Caramel Macchiato

sundays are for

bare feet and mermaid hair.

Filling the house with flowers

guilty pleasure

I'm a little crazy about...


Helping women SEE into their own souls where often their mind is blocking them, and use their intuition, drive and voice to design a life that feels beautiful, strong and chosen. 

Hosting a soon to be
top-charting podcast for women. Think champagne toasts, fireside chats, actionable business advice, food & fam,
a round table of collaborators to lean on, all the good appetizers, and sisters for life. 
That’s the ABC Life:
A Beautifully Curated Life Podcast 

The MANY career paths before this one. Can you say? Photographer/ Studio Manager/Designer/Publisher/ Founder/Mentor/Stadium Event Manager/ Negotiator/ CEO/ PR Strategist/ Wedding Confidant/ Stylist/ Mayor's Project Manager/
Surfing Family Go-to Gal?
I've done it. I can relate and it brings me joy to help you.

Teaching women how to CELEBRATE their success in non-traditional ways. Finding creativity & strength to inspire your NOW story. Guiding women in bravery & in business, which are sometimes one and the same. Fostering creative drives to find the chutzpah to get to YES and beyond! 

REALLY ON FIRE sharing this amazing journey.


To Inspire Strength and Creativity:
Healthy Soulful Living At Home, Work or Play
To use your voice, find the source of your strength and craft a plan  
To curate & refine your life’s collection and your direction. 
I’ll be there for you to act as your navigator, curator and guide along the journey.

My passion is to dive deep to connect to your source of inspiration, strength and clarity, so you can live your dreams. Who is the soon-to-be reality version of yourself? Mine is being someone who has more time, energy and resources to enjoy life with those I love. And let go of all the rest.
Would you like to join me? 


Hey Sister! Here's my Vision 

Curious Soul

New York University 
Film Grad

Explorer & Adventurer



Business Woman

Breast Cancer SURVIVOR

Fierce Foster Mama


called to inspire & Give Strength

Wins and Losses
are what has made me...me. 
Real. Relatable. Vulnerable. Strong. PASSIONATE. INSPIRED. WISE. 

Who Am I? 


— Bob Goff

"when joy is a habit, love is a reflex"

words i live by

— Diane Arbus

"Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies."

words i live by


"Creativity takes courage."

words i live by

— Henri Matisse


— Martha Graham

"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. "

words i live by


— Martha Graham

"It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work."

words i live by


— unknown

"You Are A

so price accordingly."

words i live by


2018: Cancer Called & Cleared my Calendar, But the story doesn't end there.

The Fine Art of Failing AND Losing my way provided the PERFECT platform For a beautifully executed cOMEBACK STORY.
tune in to the the podcast to hear what happened nexT. 

i went from burned out & unmotivated to... fired, Then Fighting for my life.


Learning from what we lost or let go of, often leads the way to the next beautiful discovery.

I’m a California girl who made my way in New York by way of Texas. Mad adventures were had in 8 jam-packed years in NYC. From East River sunrises, late night Village jazz jaunts in the city where I began my career. I photographed atop buildings in Tribeca and all over that wild and wonderful city. I attended NYU and the city offered such a vibrant educational backdrop. I photographed so many faces. Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard, Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker and on. So many fascinating people. My reality felt like I was dreaming. I loved it, but I missed the left coast that called to me & yearned for more.

NYU exposed me to film, publishing, and media. A friend asked for help with an idea. We made a pitch to NYSC; and it evolved our magazine idea into print! I published a wellness magazine with a friend at the ripe age of 22 from a loft in the seaport with a staff of almost 20. Success happened early on after tremendous work. Publishing wasn't my life passion. One wintery January day, the NYTimes forecast read, 17 degrees and scathingly cold in NYC; it was time to go. I had a wild rely landing in Southern California…the gold coast held such promise.

My experience took me on a journey as Photographer, Publisher, Artist, Curator & Editor, Teacher, Collaborator, Administrator, Storyteller, Founder, Entrepreneur, Developer, Events Manager and Professional Creative. I was a leader and a member of start-ups. Media & Advertising, Fortune 500 Companies, Hospitality, Government, and of course, Weddings & Events.

The brands I served were amazing, vibrant and a pleasure to work with. Hard Rock, Marriott, Tarsadia, Sony, Allure, & Modern Hairstyles. I loved what I was doing making images, art, events and all…Still I found I was trading shekels for time. In 2006 friends asked for my input on their projects; mentoring and coaching began to take shape. I’d had several great coaches, trainings and certifications along the way. I am a self-confessed organization junky. An art junky, too. I felt thrilled by process of creating something from nothing. I loved bringing that idea to a place of clarity and action. I helped others and I learned so much a long the way. I trained with Covey, Tony Robbins, GTD’s David Allen. I worked with Sue Bryce, Denis Reggie and so many more vibrant talents. I shared what I had learned. I polished rough edges. I refined projects for organizations. I brought stadium events to life working with Disney, Anaheim and many key officials.

Early in this journey, I lost my mom to breast cancer. I was 25 and it was devastating. The loss made me re-evaluate everything. After time healing, I became very clear about what mattered.

LIFE. In all it’s fullness….and living it well. My mom said go back to doing what you love. Make a plan and make it happen. After she passed, that’s exactly what I did.

Sometimes life makes abundantly clear what is important and what is not. I had a lot to share and I was going to work at that every single day.

I built a brand, a photography business, an event business and served others. I developed business strategy and rolled out concepts from inception to launch.

I produced print & video for media outlets, large companies, entrepreneurs and government agencies. I fought to keep my business alive after 9/11 and through 2008 and even after 2018, my own battle with cancer.

My job and goal had begun - Keeping myself alive. Pulling myself up by the bootstraps. I’ve been there, sister! I’ve been there.

And yet, the work doesn’t solely define me. It’s shaped my viewpoint and given me a unique perspective to serve and guide others.

In 2015, being was laid off was a blessing in disguise. There I was, super stressed out. Unmotivated. Disillusioned. Working in the midst of riots where SWAT Team had to escort government staff out (I was staff); maybe it was time for a change…? Ya think? Nothing that exciting happened in my job on a regular basis, anyway! That was the catalyst I needed for the next big thing; but the past years chaos & had worn on me. It led me to a place where I got sick, my relationship was upside down, we tried to have a family but couldn’t. My past history with cancer got in the way. Life was full of uncertainties. Trying to make sense of it all…Oh, have I been there, sister. 

In 2018, cancer called and it cleared my calendar. But the story didn’t end there. 

I got RESOLUTE. I mean absolutely RESOLUTE. Living was what mattered. I fought hard. I changed everything. I learned to tune in and not fight myself but find my center, my strength and my faith that had become a bit lost. I made my way through with great strength and quite a comeback. I am a Breast Cancer Survivor and so proud of that. I kicked cancer to the curb. If you want to know more about my story, visit the podcast. 

It’s what I learned as part of my story and I hope it will help you. Whether you’re fighting cancer, affected by it due to a family member’s struggle or some other struggle. Know you have a community here. "A Beautifully Curated Life" is about finding clarity & focusing on living better - together with less. 

And because nothing done Caroline style is ever boring….

SMACK-dab, in the middle of that crazy ride healing from cancer, we became parents. There are no coincidences. We learned of my cancer early on because of a health test to become fosters. It’s likely what saved me. I believe God brought me this far and has used me. And, He isn’t done with me yet! I told you it was crazy story. The day we learned I didn’t need chemo, we got the call a few hours later with my husband and my brother standing beside me, to become fosters. Our first foster child came to live with us on our anniversary and had the same birthday as my hubby. Life is curious, isn’t it? And I do believe God’s timing has a very interesting sensibility. This all piqued my curiosity and I was listening. 

During my recovery, I was resolute in crafting a plan to retool what I knew about life. This version was not about business building strategy, photography branding & media. I made sure there was plenty of room for wellness, healthy food, joy, and family. I made certain love always had a seat at the table. I’d become masterful at reinvention, rejuvenation and re-defining a life. 

Sometimes you have to talk yourself through the story of your life to figure out where you’re at.

We experienced 9/11, 2008 and now the pandemic and the unrest with race relations in our country. Having survived rollercoaster cycles; pulling myself up from my boot straps, was a skill I'd honed. It was time to share. This pandemic provided more time to share what I knew to get me through. 

I found in the space distilling down to less, letting go, is one way to make room for that to happen. 

My purpose is to cast a broader net. I want to help more women overcome hardships. I will help you learn to use your voice and creativity to impact change as you navigate your own course. And, I will be right here to be your guide. Sometimes you need to do creative work, soul work and clarifying work with someone else. Bouncing the ideas around has so much value. When you do things in a vacuum, sometimes the air gets stale. Bring creative ideas to light…even if you have absolutely no clue where you're headed. 

The biggest takeaway from this plan I crafted:
Self care is necessity. Not luxury. Put it first. 
Your self care, your wellness, everything that matters that makes you whole and who you are to survive in this world….putting that part first. 

Make sure you’re caring for yourself. 
From there, build your family, build your brand, build your home & ALL the things on that platform in community. 

While it sounds simple, so many things pull us away from just, that…Hustle. Busy. Social proof. Technology. And Time. Money. You name it. Comparisonitis. So how do we get back to what matters? 

We will continue to grow community with Coffee with Creatives, and Wellness & Wonder Wednesdays. I have plans to expand support especially women and kids in the foster community. Sign up to learn more.  

I’ll be sharing: 
Life & work tips, coaching & organizational tricks. 
Wellness ideas & Healthy eating from my personal journey.
Cancer care and inspiration to simplify your routine and focus on your wellbeing.
Adventures & travel along the coast and Morey Stories.

A Beautifully Curated Life, the blog & Podcast, presented by Caroline And Co. We're excited to share stories, resources, education & coaching to make your life better in so many ways. What if your next step in life is waiting for you? What if your best life is about to happen? What if you're moments away from all the beautiful things & experiences you dreamed of becoming your reality? 
We will support your comeback and bolster you reinventing the next stage. This. This is A Beautifully Curated Life.  

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Welcome to A Beautifully Curated Life. I hope you’ll join us weekly on the podcast, the blog, in our adventures on Instagram Stories, and share yours. You can click below to join our VIP list to get all the latest.  

Much love, light, laughter and always here’s to the adventure!


Learning from what we lost
or let go of,
often leads the way
to the next beautiful discovery.

I believe that creativity is a gift. 

Hard work is a rite of passage. 

Finding your way is an art. 

The journey that takes you there may not be the one you began. 

Your world is better with strong, inspired creative people in it. 

Love is my anchor. 

Sand under my toes makes me happy. 

Coffee and green juice can totally coexist. 

Mermaid hair and just don’t care. 

Natural is both beautiful, wild and free.

I love my fur babies more than words. 

I am a fierce mama bear. 

I fought cancer but know that what I learned from it was a gift. 

Wellness takes constant work. 

We’re always on a journey but 

Enjoying it and finding gratitude 

Is half the battle. 

Creative Clarity gives us purpose, an outlet and joy.

The strength it reveals can heal and make life and our world a little better.  

Join us to be a part of it. 


Creativity is a part of our DNA

Xo,  Caroline


I make A MEAN crepe! This is a blueberry reduction with vanilla bean glaze. (In another life, I could have owned a patisserie. My grandparents owned a bakery & I come from a long line of artisans & makers.) 


Morning beach walks are my jam.
A soulful start to the day.
Topped with a carmel macchiato or green juice & good company. 
It's THE way to start my day. 
What's your fave morning routine?


I love the ocean and must have saltwater in my soul! I've almost always lived near the beach: Newport, Huntington, NYC. 
My family is full of
waterwomen & men!


I'm ever so slightly obsessed with organizing and having a plan. I love colored labels, dymos, office supplies and cute containers. A little structure can create a lot of calm. 


I adore gardening, hiking & being in nature. It's sacred and playful. Love seeing wildlife. Succulents thrive, roses climb & fairies take flight among whimsy and wonder. It's grounding & a space for lessons.


I love to meditate. I discovered it during my cancer journey. The practice has remained a beautiful part of my healing process.
What's your favorite self care practice?


If you enjoyed  these Random Things, for more Randomness, hop on our ABCLife Podcast: Wellness & Wonder Morning Routines, Creativity, Sacred Spaced and Life Hacks. 


For more Randomness, hop on our Podcast: Wellness & Wonder Morning Routines, Creativity, Sacred Spaced and Life Hacks. 

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